We're Only Human

by Days Like Today

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The brand new EP from Toronto pop punk band Days Like Today


released December 12, 2014

Days Like Today is:
Mackenzie Gallagher - Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Ennis - Guitar
Darian Kani-Sanchez - Bass
Allistair Sweetzer - Drums

Produced/engineered/mixed by Kenny Bridges
Lyrics by Mackenzie Gallagher



all rights reserved


Days Like Today Toronto, Ontario

Music from Toronto, Canada.

Mackenzie Gallagher - Vocals & Guitar
Daniel Ennis - Guitar
Darian Kani-Sanchez - Bass
Ally Sweetzer - Drums

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Track Name: What's It Like
what’s it like to be you
with all the things that you go through
i can’t find my way out of this

i wanna be left alone
and that scares the living shit out of me
cause i know that’s not who i am
always making excuses not to see my friends
i can’t stand the thought of letting them down again

something’s pulling at me
need time to figure it out
but the more i sit and think
the more i sink underground

what’s it like to be you
with all the things that you go through
i can’t seem to find my way out of this
and i know i might be fine someday
but i’m kicking and screaming
the weight is close to cutting off my breathing

you’ve got to find a way
wake up and face the day
i know you’ve felt this before
but life is so much more
than just existing and persisting
to wake yourself up from a bad dream
that’s not how it used to be

we all have our vices and our demons
just know you’re not alone
Track Name: Hourglass
i’m not ready to give up yet
we still have so much left to discover
sand shifts in the hourglass
one sad and sorry day to another

i can’t remember the last time i felt alive
so I’ll sit here and remind myself it’s alright
all i can do now is focus on the light
and hope the songs we write will get us through the night

with the melody in my head
i’ll spill out my confusion to paper
all the words that can’t be said
i’ll sing until i’m sick and i’m tired

i don’t know what else to do
this is all that’s ever got me through
right here is where i choose to be
my insecurities won’t define me
Track Name: Shibby!
i wanna drink my own weight in beer tonight
so i can drown out all of my woes at least for one night
luckily i know some people
who’ve been going through the same shit as me
and don’t have work in the morning

the thought of her makes me anxious
we’ll talk it out over a few cans of banquet

i never thought the day would come where i’d say
she doesn’t want anything to do with me
i’ll try my best to forget, i’ve got some friends
and i know they won’t let me down like she did

you let me down

i’m looking for answers at the bottom of my glass
this bar is just so crowded and i’m thinking way too fast
i know i need to let it go
it’s almost like i’m hoping i run into you
have a drink or two and let you know

i never thought the day would come where i’d say
that you don’t want anything to do with me
i’ll try my best to forget all those nights
i lost your respect

i know i let you down
now i’m drinking at the bar on the north side of town
Track Name: Second Chances
who knew love and hate could coexist
i was just another burden on her list
the angel finally had enough of me
i tried so hard to make it up to her
she assured me that she just needed some time
knowing the time had slipped away

i made mistakes and i won’t argue that
but you could have left and sent me on my way
instead of holding out another lonely day
i know there’s things we can’t take back
but in retrospect i wouldn’t change a thing
it’s part of who i am and who we’ve grown to be

i’ve never been so close to feeling like a ghost
but summer came again and my new life began

i don’t know where i’d be if i never found you
we’re only human and the sky won't always be blue
but we can see it through

i may not know where i belong
sad to say that it was never with you
i still have all of those letters you wrote me
now i never hear from you after everything
we’ve been through

i’ve never fallen so hard on my face before

i believe in second chances
it’s something that i’ve seen
i guess “forever and always”
never meant that much to you and me
Track Name: Hell In My Head
i’ve waited so long now just to feel a change
the only place i feel calm is in my bed
it feels like hell is in my head

i sit and wait to be saved so patiently
while everyone just looks at me
a blank stare is all i can give back
trying my best to interact

i can’t wait any longer
i just need something now i just wanna get out

i know sometimes we all look back and wonder why
why our lives have changed or where it is we’re going
but i feel like i’m losing it

there’s only so many lines on the highway
but lately it feels like it’s going nowhere
anxiety’s taking over

i just wanna get out of this place that i’m trapped in
i just need to get the hell out

i feel like i’m losing it
i feel like i’m losing everything i love
to this war that just won’t end it’s in my head
it’s all in my head
Track Name: Last Call
shame is coursing through my veins again
i know it seems like every year i do this
every year i do this to myself
i’m constantly plagued with these thoughts
and illusions
that nothing’s gonna be alright
no nothing’s going to

i still try to be the optimist
through all of this
but i still quiver at the thought
of letting you down over and again and again

just know that i can’t sleep at night
knowing all the reasons that you said goodbye
if i let you down in the past this drink’s for you
sadly it’s ironic for the shit i put you through

it’s so damn hard passing by your street in my car
knowing that i can’t drop by and say hello
or ask you how you’ve been
i really hope that you’re happier now
but i can’t seem to shake this guilt

i know you’ll never look at me again
the way you did back then
i wish we had it in ourselves
to follow through on the promises we made
when we were still okay

i’ll revisit the memories my mind chose to hold onto
i hope you don’t forget me
the stranger that you outgrew

for everything i put you through
this drink’s for you
i don’t want to forget you
but i know that i have to
Track Name: Closer
you can keep this to yourself no one needs to know
whatever happened in the past only helped you grow

take your time show some patience
this life can be beautiful
sometimes feeling lost can actually bring you closer

i feel alone all the time even though i’m not
sometimes we need to look around
and see just what we’ve got

i fight this war that’s in my head
but keep my feet placed on the ground
and face the dark like i faced the day
when i felt like i lost everything

forgive yourself for your frustration
this world can be brutal
and if you’re feeling lost keep moving forward
moving on

we all make mistakes
we’ve all let someone down
we’re not crazy we’re not worthless
we’re only human