by Days Like Today

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Debut EP from Days Like Today


released August 30, 2013

Days Like Today is:
Mackenzie Gallagher - Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Ennis - Guitar
Darian Kani-Sanchez - Bass
Allistair Sweetzer - Drums

Produced/mixed/mastered by Derek Hoffman @ Fox Sounds
Lyrics by Mackenzie Gallagher
Artwork by Dylan Burnett



all rights reserved


Days Like Today Toronto, Ontario

Music from Toronto, Canada.

Mackenzie Gallagher - Vocals & Guitar
Daniel Ennis - Guitar
Darian Kani-Sanchez - Bass
Ally Sweetzer - Drums

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Track Name: Clones
Is the grass greener to you when you walk on that side
Cause where I'm standing it seems you've got dead patches to hide

I know when we're young we're all in such a hurry to grow up
But this is not what I envisioned now I wish that time would stop
We feel the need to prove ourselves to someone who's never going to care
Chasing after clones who won't hesitate to leave you there

You always hesitate to leave
We're all just too naive

Is the grass greener to you when you walk on that side
Cause where I'm standing it seems you've got dead patches to hide
And if I wake up alone just know that I'll be fine
Cause I'm not waiting up for you while you're out waiting in line

Late nights holding on to something that I knew would never last
Everything I thought I knew about you I left in the past
It's easier that way and I won't carry any shame
And you'll just carry on like always

We've all got something to hide

And I know life can never just be simple like it was when we were kids
So take your time and I'll take mine enjoy what we have in our lives
Cause it's not about someone else it's how you feel about yourself
It's easier to make a difference knowing deep down that you're worth it

We just need to learn that we're in control
And it's all up to us which way we go

Is the grass greener to you when you walk on that side
Cause where I'm standing it seems you've got dead patches to hide
And if you need someone to prove that it's worth your time
Then I'll be waiting up for you while you're out waiting for a sign
Track Name: Soothsayer
You're always looking for something from me the one thing I can't give
Cause I lost my soul here while searching for just another chance to live

Walk out on me now I'm used to it
Your advice is something I just can't take
We're all expecting so much from someone
Who's heart's not worth the break

I know I've said it once before
"Give me time to change my life"
You can lend me your hand I might let you down
There's reasons why she's not still around

Then I think to myself maybe I don't stand a chance
But that's not who I am I don't know who I am

Half of my act is pretending I'm fine
And treating my life like it's not worth the time
I know that it's wrong I can't shake it off
It's all I've ever known

I'm not learning to let go
I want to start this over
If I could promise something new
Would you please think it over

If you lend me your hand I won't let you down
There's pieces of me you never found
Track Name: Signal
Lately I've been fighting sleep and trying to keep up on my feet
This complacency seems to pull me under over my head everyday
I tell myself keep moving forward but I'm still shouting and trying to be heard
Over all of this commotion stress emotion doubt and fear

Are they still out there looking for me
I've been missing now for years

Buried in the trees this place is so familiar
Voices in the breeze speak of times I can't remember

For every nail that I hammer into this wall
One of your picture frames always seems to fall
No one is ever ready for this it's way too soon
I just can't stop myself from looking out for you

Are you close by I've been calling out for anyone
And I've been looking to the sky regretting all these things that I've done
I know it's a long shot but I'll keep trying
To signal someone who's lost like I am

Buried in the trees this place is so familiar
Your voice is telling me something that I remember

I'm always looking out for you
Track Name: Trial and Error
Tearing this house down is the last thing I wanted
But now that you're gone this place is so haunted
Anyone can say it but following through
Is one thing we always struggle to do

It's trial and error in all of this madness
And I'm never ready to deal with the sadness
I can lay in my bed dwelling on it for days
The fact of the matter is no one's to blame

I'm still holding onto pieces
Just incase you ever need them
Part of me knows you never will
You never will

I still drive by everyday
Knowing things will never change
Part of me knows I'll never see you
I'll never see you again

I let myself down in all of this
And I'm not something that you miss
You always make it look so easy
I know you act like you don't see me

And now you're saying you're sorry
I'd be lying if I said that it's okay
Track Name: Blackouts
Here I am again making the same mistakes I made before
I guess I never really learn
I'm always too far gone to accept myself
I just look down and slur my words

Tonight it's hard to see just what it was you saw in me
I'm chasing down those memories
With a taste to waste some time

But it won't take me back to a time where I loved what I had
How'd I let it get so bad

I've lost too much in this struggle
To gain control without a crutch
You know too much and I'm sorry
But I can't seem to get enough

As I stumble home I wonder if you'd still be by my side
If I could take back all the blackouts and learn to apologize

Tonight I'm just not me and I know I'm not thinking clearly
I'm washing down your memory with a shot to ease my mind

But I can't take it back
I hope you never felt this sad
How'd I let it get so bad

You had every right to walk away
I won't hold that against you
I wish you hadn't seen that version of me
But lately it's hard not to

I'm trying hard to get through

I know it's getting really late
But I just thought that you should know
I still miss you every day
And I can't say it sober

I've lost too much in this struggle
I've lost too much
But I can't seem to get enough